Caring for our clients

“Selling a house and finding another is a big deal for most of us.  I had lived in my house for 30 years, loved it like a friend, but it was time to downsize. I chose Marty and his group because of family connections and it was the right decision. Marty knows this area intimately, so important.  In my case, he represented me as both a buyer and a seller.  Of course, I thought my house was more valuable than what the market indicated, and Marty was honest with me, but we started at my price. He told me what needed to be done to make it more appealing. Always, he was respectful of my wishes.  He and his staff were timely, quick with feedback and so helpful.  I felt that they were looking out for my best interest, not just trying to sell a house.  Marty took care of me like he would his mother. He listened. He went above and beyond.  I looked at a lot of houses and many people looked at mine.  As it turned out, no one wanted a house as big and old as mine.  Anyone who was interested only wanted the land and would take down the house, which is happening a lot these days. This was not acceptable, so Marty got creative, and brought me a builder who would buy half my land, take down my house and build me a smaller house on the half of my choosing.  I saw the wisdom and practicality in this. It was the perfect solution for me.
This has been a long journey with lots of unknowns.  Marty and the Rathmanner Group have been the perfect guides.  I am very happy with the outcome.”  – Erickson Dellwood Ave. 

— Mrs. Erickson